Friday, February 4, 2011

Keeping Up with the Listing

Today seemed like I was on the computer all day long, finding the time to paint and then list can keep you busy. I find it helps to schedule myself. At first I thought that I could just do it when I have a chance and keep up but with close to 100 listing and selling a few things along with trips to the post office.

The one good thing about having a job you goto is it slots that time of the day for you and there is only that work to do, when your home I find myself getting lost into fixing things and daily clean up.

The first thing was to put up a wall calendar and mark my work days down and
also so gave myself goals. As much as I disliked the corporate world I do guess there is a few good business models that can help.

So today was listing on Ebay, Etsy along with tweeting, most of the day in the office working. Now time to work on 10 more things for next week. I still need to put together a few videos for YouTube.

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