Monday, February 7, 2011

Halloween website I Found

One reason I love paper mache is because of Halloween. When I was young I started making costumes and ever since then I was hooked. Growing up we always went all out with decorations and had the best house in the neighborhood. I will always remember the two twins that lived on the street behind us, my mother scared them so bad one year they didn't come back to our house for candy till they were twelve.

Halloween Costumes (Singer Sewing Reference Library)

As kids we won so many costume contest we started driving to other towns so we could enter the contest with anyone knowing who we were. In the past three years I've been decorating my house and we live in a fairly new neighborhood so in the beginning  I felt like the only one who would go all out but this past year it was nice to see our block step it up a notch and make it more fun for everyone.

I signed up for this website last year called At first it was hard to find time to use it but since I have more time to myself now I started looking into it and I truly have to give it an A++

Great people,very friendly and helpful. It's nice to find people who like to talk about decorations and skeletons in Feb.

My plan this year for Halloween is to go all out and that means lots of work to do.
The Halloween Handbook: 447 Costumes 

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