Friday, May 21, 2010

What does it Take to make it

Things started to come together but art was still only a hobby. I still did not have the artist mind set and was worried more about what would sell then what I wanted to create. I started with watercolor dog sketches and was thinking about doing some Abstracts. I purchased paint and canvas along with some brushes but it took me awhile to get started.

To me Abstract art was just paint splattered all over the place with no meaning or reason. It made me wonder how could it sell for so much but it was the way I thought a painting should be. I guess art to me was a painting that was to as close to a photograph a painting could be or something that depicted real life.

It wasn't until I took a step back and starting painting Abstract did I realize how it was just like real life. It opened my eyes of how Abstract is so part of everyday life and how one picture can create so many feelings and different impressions for one person.

When I was in the corporate world thinking about sales and numbers I couldn't open my mind to art.
Now seeing the world with artist eyes Abstract pops out at me everywhere, I was sitting in traffic
and as I looked at the road I could see a painting with the tar and asphalt I framed it out with my eyes.
If you take a brick and zoom in as close as you can what do you see. Even if you focus on trees you can see the Abstract in every part.

Now my paintings are part of me and I love to hear what people see and how they feel.

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