Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day One

Today I start my Blog. This is my chance to mark my thoughts in time forever. I have always been creative and loved art but have never taken the chance to do it full time as a career. With this blog I plan to track my steps from the transition from the mind set of going to a job everyday grind and plunge into free spirit of an artist who looks at the world with new eyes.

I have always enjoyed paper mache. Even as a kid I would always wanted to know more about the paper mache sculpting. For years it was always thought of as a grade school project. It was something that little kids would work with that would come out all bumpy. It brings to mind flour and water with strips of newspaper over a balloon. So it was something I kept it in the back of my mind as a hobby.

With the explosion of the Internet and the instant access of information in an instance, I found that people could make a living working with paper mache. I found other artist using paper clay
that looked fantastic and opened my eyes to what I could do.

With Halloween being my passion I found an overload of information and ideas that got me started

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  1. Great blog! Really want to read more about your paper mache techniques and see more creations. Love the videos!