Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quick Update

Hi everyone, Things have been crazy here and I have a few things going on at once. Just wanted to send out a few pictures of the things I have been working on.
I hope to finish my Iron Man costume for Halloween but it is a super time consumer. I have the helmet done with fiberglass just need to put some bond and paint on. We finished out new Logo for Ravens Art Gallery for the Reading Pet Expo.
I found this Knight in Armor on line for $30 and just had to have it. While at the show we met a new company that makes magnetic  boards and they want to use our art on them. I started a Goolie Girl collection in watercolor. So far so good I've sold one print from them and just need to list some more.

Filming a few new videos for the Youtube website for Halloween, Pirates Cannon and Grave stones

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